Know Thyself:Book review, a gem from Gian Kumar

When It comes to book reviews, I don’t write a review of every book I read, but this book was an exception, although I took really long time to understand the actual juice of the book, it changed my life in a great way, Coming to the point I

LapcareYo!: stylish foldable bluetooth headphone by Lapcare

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hey guys how was your weekend, well as you know i am starting a youtube channel called Droid magnets you can check out that later, well what i am planning to do is cover tech unboxing and handson videos on that, anyways heres what i love! foldable headphone, with

Send emails to any phone number: NoMyID review

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Have you ever wondered how to ask mail of person? Or you didnt find a mail id on a site, but you want to badly mail them? But how? Not to worry, heres NoMyID for you! *applause* , inspite of making more IM applications like whatsapp, indians this time(

Affordable,Cheap Cpanel Hosting :Youstable Honest Review

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hey guys i have been waiting for this moment to review honestly the new hosting startup by one of my colleague I have been searching for affordable cPanel shared hosting provider in India but there are hundreds of hosting providers so it wasn’t easy at all to find trusted

Get Free customized mugs,t-shirts,bags: PaisaFly review giveaway

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hey guys, how is your summer starting?? well mine in fact is totally awesome,(well sorry that is the reason i could not post on myblogwire) well you know whats more cool? we have a giveaway!!!! yay!! too excited huh? well we will be giving away customized mugs,t-shits,bags to all

If Not These, your iphone 6 and you aren’t cool:gizmos!

  A guest post dropped in by shilwi chawla welcome ! So if you happen to consider yourselves as the coolest guy around, assuming that you own an iPhone 6? Well you ain’t that cool mate, unless you have one or all of these cool accessories made and designed